The Batjo Team

Alice Corona

Data Journalist

Alice Corona is an Italian data journalist and a researcher specialized in data driven methodologies for storytelling. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves teaching data storytelling skills, especially to students, journalists and activists. She began practicing data journalism in 2012, during a Master in Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands). Before, she has studied Modern History at the University of Siena. She loves Python, Gephi, and Open Refine.

Chi ha ucciso il Conte?

Designer & Digital Fabrication Expert

“Chi Ha Ucciso il Conte?” is the pseudonym of Nicolò Merendino, industrial designer from Rome. Nicolò is a digital fabrication expert and loves designing electronic music instruments. Between 2016 and 2017 he has been the manager of The Netherlands' major FabLab, the one at Waag Society in Amsterdam. He is specialized in using exclusively open source software to develop his designs. He was awarded a grant from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund for his project 'A square dreams A sphere', centered on the dissemination of open source techniques for digital fabrication throughout The Netherlands.