helps journalists learn digital fabrication skills to create physical and data driven news experiences for their local audiences.

The Cookbook

Data Driven 
News Installations

.A Digital Fabrication Cookbook for Journalists

The cookbook contains a series of prototype customizable physical data installations, detailed tutorials, and guides on digital fabrication techniques, all specifically targeted at journalists and requiring only open source software. Our designs and all other files released are also shared under a free culture license, specifically CC-BY 4.0.


As part of our mission to promote the use of digital fabrication in journalism, the Batjo team can be booked for a personalized a workshop at your newsroom. The workshops can be customized to the newsrooms' needs and the type of skill set it has in its teams. For more details, refer to the 'Workshops' section of this website.

Design & Development Services

You can hire us for assistance related to data storytelling and digital fabrication. Depending on your needs and the skill set you already have (or lack) in your newsrooms, we can cover the whole process: from help with finding, cleaning and analyzing data to sketching and designing the physical installation; from 3D modeling and preparing all the files, to the actual fabrication and production of the data artifacts. Read more about it in the dedicated section.