Data, Design and Development Services

The Batjo team can be contacted for a personalized consultancy for anything that regards data storytelling and digital fabrication.

Depending on your newsroom’s needs and the skill set of its employees, we can assist with:

Free services

We are open to the idea of contributing our time to projects with a high social value which can’t afford to pay for our services.

Unfortunately, we can offer to do so only for a limited number of times throughout the year, depending on our financial and time management contraints. If you believe you are working on a high-impact projcect that could benefit from our help, but don’t have the budget, get in touch anyway and we’ll consider your proposal. Make sure to specify that you are looking for a free consultancy and include also any information you think might help us evaluate your case: are you a no-profit? do you have an established curriculum of impactful work? what communities do you serve? and anything else you deem important for our decision.

Get in touch to know more