The Batjo project and its first product, the cookbook “Data Driven News Installations” are still in their infancy. The team decided to open up and share all the material, even if still in a prototype phase, in the hope of receiving valuable feedback and contributions from the community of journalists and other potential users.

Give feedback, make requests

While we strove to produce a reliable and functioning product, there is certainly room for improvement. If you have any questions about the contents of the cookbook, if any steps are a bit unclear, or if you think something does not make sense, do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to have a rich “Credits” section to publicly thank all of you who, with your feedback, have helped us improve these resources.

Let’s become a community

Our goal is to open up digital fabrication processes and to create a community of newsroom professionals that perfection digital fabrication practices for communication and journalistic needs. Sign-up to the newsletter to read about what others are doing, spark a Twitter conversation about what you’d like to use digital fabrication for, drop us an email showing how you used digital fabrication in your projects… Let’s create a network.

We’re not hiring, but…

Although we are not looking for fixed collaborators, we would like to build a contact list of people from various backgrounds (digital fabrication, design, data science, and data journalism) who we can reach out to if we need collaborators for future projects, to brainstorm ideas, to form partnerships and to participate in funding opportunities together. If you are interested, let us know.